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Maria Di Paola Blum

Maria Di Paola Blum

an Italian photographer in Ajijic

She was only a curious girl of nine when she entered a dark room for the first time by special permission of her science teacher. At that time, in the early seventies, in Sicily (she was born in Cefalu, a village 70 kilometers from Palermo) photography finally entered school programs even if only as a collateral activity, but for her it was an important step like going to the moon or finding the key to a mystery world.
Twenty years later, in the early nineties that "revealed mystery" became part of her job.
She was working in Rome as a journalist, documenting in words and pictures the phenomenon of immigration into Italy: it was a planned development of her sociology studies at the "Universita degli Studi La Sapienza di Roma"
At present Maria Di Paola finds the lake of Chapala an ideal place to live with her husband and two babies.

Photography became an important activity as you can see in the Galeria Di Paola that opened in Ajijic, Paseo Colon, 11 Her attention is focused onto positive details of nature and people, as is possible to admire looking at her collection. She is specially interested in form and color which she tries to show in all the glory of their vivid contrasts working in black and white and satured colors.

At the same time she uses with profit her experienced eye to witness a social reality which changes day by day without losing its important heritage.

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